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The Bird

THE BIRD – Sculpture by Patricia Hines

This bird is made from flotsam and jetsam scavenged from Bathers Beach, Fremantle by a friend who lived opposite the beach for 30 years. The beach is next to the South Mole and some of the debris may have been dumped there as ’fill’ for the construction of the mole or by ships???

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French Knitting - Castaways Sculpture Awards 2013

French Knitting ion the beach

Artist Statement – French Knitting – Patricia Hines :

I remember my time at State School when both boys and girls spent hours doing ‘French Knitting’ using an old timber cotton reel with four nails in the top and some leftover wool. These little playthings come from a very ancient source the medieval Lucut, some names used for them have been ‘Knitting Nancies’, ‘Bizzie Lizzy’s’ or ‘Knitting Nobbys’ and they kept little fingers busy and minds concentrated. Sometimes we sewed them into little mats or our mothers stitched them together into a colorful beanie for us to wear.

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Cheeky Monkey Sculpture

A sculpture/water feature collaboration with Monique Tippett at Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery, Caves Rd, Margaret River 2011-2012.

The sculpture uses three Jarrah uprights, scored with images of barley, burnt and oiled. The submersible pump sends the water up three aluminium pipes rebated into these uprights which then fill the triangular vessel. The water flows evenly over the lip on each side of the vessel in a steady sheet of water into the pond below. When a light breeze is blowing the cascade this often creates lacy patterns and in the evening the sculpture and water are illuminated from below.Water sculpture

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Insight – Stories of the South West 2013

Each participant chose a story from their district to interpret as both an ephemeral installation on site and then a studio work for the exhibition ‘Insight’ at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries.


The Murder of Jean Bell

Presentation to WA Historical Society

The installation on Jean cecily's grave

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